What are the chances for getting a call from Accenture?


I have 116 overall score
Since Accenture consider overall score only, do i have chance for getting a call ?
Please help !


yes… accenture will call u if u have more than 102 marks… also there should be no negative in any section.


Thanks, yes i don’t have any negative marking !
Does current loaction also matters for getting a call or no?


yes… location matters… try to be in delhi or banglore if u want accenture call.


how to change the location?


Thanks @richa_3080618. Yes i am Delhi based only !
It was a great help, wishing to get a call then !


My college name is not in the accenture’s college list but I have scored 147.5 in elitmus and BE aggregate is 74% … Will I be getting call from accenture ?