What are my chances?

Verbal ability score:75 percentile 79.80
Quantiative ability:score-30 percentile-81.13
Logical reasoning:score-40 percentile-85.17

Very good chance to get call from 75% of companies listed in Elitmus.

But I think above 90% would be a good score to get calls.

Your overall percentile may be around 90 from this test.

@nitish_2927271 will I be getting calls from the companies more than 4 lakh package.please reply

@vidhi_3156230 Of course!!

i got 95% in quants and 94 in ps and 40 in verbals. will i get a call??

how can one calculate the overall percentile?

Only Elitmus knows, how they calculate overall percentile. But one thing is clear that they give high weightage to quant then problem solving then verbal.

thanks for the reply.

can u please give a rough estimate of the overall percentile for the following score?
Verbal : Score 90.00 ; Percentile 89.36
Problem Solving : Score 22.50 ; Percentile 66.97
Quantitative : Score 86.30 ; Percentile 98.71

Must be 96% or more since mine is 96 ℅ with 95,85 and 85 percentiles in Eng/QA/R.

how did you get to know that yours is 96%ile?

When you get a call from elitmus for any company, they will ask you to sign a attendance sheet . One or two times , you will find your consolidated percentile mentioned over there. That’s where I found mine.

Okay, Thanks!

ya above 90 u will get all call
but urs is f9 to get much call

Can anyone please comment on my score? I hd 92 percentile in quant, 96 in verbal and 62 in PS.

apply u will get in hopefully in many
only some will be missed which luk highly at PS

i got 95 in quants and 94 in problem sloving and 35 in verbals will i get a call

My elitmus score are
Quant - 97.18
Logical - 96.44
Verbal - 61.91
can someone tell me what are the changes of getting calls from companies ?

And do I need to apply for companies after getting ph score or the companies will call me by themselves ??