What are my chances with this percentile

Verbal 47.04
problem solving 32.80
quant 68.79

What are my chances???

retake bro. Score above 80 %tile in all.

Verbal 52.50 -56.14

Problem Solving 15 - 61.97

Quantitative 40 - 84.82

Should I expect any calls?

@adarsh_3567560 @naman_3416464
You can expect some calls. However, 60 %ile in Quants/PS seems low. Different companies have different criterias. Some look for 90+ PS and do not care for Quants while some may want 80+ in both sections.

Even I have a score similar to you, and I did not get shortlisted to every jobs I had applied.

If you are wondering whether you will get a call or not, you have to apply to every job. You will definitely get calls from some companies. The number might be less.

I scored 59% in verbal 94% in Logical and 70% in Quants Can i get any offer with this percentile Is that enough or should I repeat the test

Hi… can anyone tell me what are my chances of getting shortlisted with following score…

Problem solving - 82
Verbal - 87
Quant - 69.3

I am from Electronics and communication branch but want to persue a career in IT company.

What should i expect with these scores ? I am planning to attempt again due to low PS score. What if I score less in other sections in my next attempt ? Are these scores visible to companies?

My scores are:
QUANT -> 84.84
PS -> 79.98
VERBAL -> 52.63
i am thinking of taking a retest, so is the score enough or shall i try again?

That score is above average…I think wait for a while…see if you are getting calls
but your score is quant is above 80 and ps is also near 80 you will get definitely get some calls…just apply to every company and makes sure to put your location as the company …preferably Bangalore.

Coincidently my scores have increased a bit, it’s 80.02 in PS now, rest are as usual. This was my first attempt.

You are will get calls…start preparing for the interviews :stuck_out_tongue:

problem solvinng - 98.8
quant - 94.6
verbal - 86.8
these are my scores. i am persuing may final year right now in electronics. But most of the jobs are for 2018 passed outs… Can i expect a call , or should i retake test after completing my final year?

Hi Tejaswi,

You scores are very good. There is no need to retake so soon.
Job for 2019 will be plenty in the coming months, don’t worry.
Start preparing for interviews, and keep checking the job sections.

Thanks… i am from ece branch… So what will be the effect of the branch on jobs…

Jobs here are usually development profiles in startups and product based companies. So they expect you to have coding skills and good knowledge on Data Structures.
There are also ECE jobs but I do not know much about them since I am a CSE.

Check these:
Lightplane Technologies - Software Engineer Intern
GeekyAnts - Software Engineer - Intern

YEs… Many are for CSE/iSE/ECE … MCA also…
Start preparing for interviews…