What are my chances of getting interview calls in this ph score

Verbal – 123.80 => 97.24 percentile

Problem Solving – 80.00 => 98.97 percentile

Quantitative – 26.30 => 76.44 percentile

Total Score – 230.10

Excellent score.
You will get calls from almost all companies.
Prepare for technical.
All the best. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bro its too much score,u need not ask wheather u will get call or not…jst focus on technical skill…all the best.

I’d already applied for Aptean intern (2018),going to held on 11th nov i.e. tomorrow ,but i didn’t get any interview calls from that company till yet ,that’s the reason i put this this question to clear my doubt of chance

thanks sir :relaxed: sir,what is the minimum eligibility criteria in academics % is needed with this ph score for getting interview calls from the diffrent companies

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maybe you have applied little bit late don’t worry they will select you for the interview as your percentile is very good and my percentile is:- verbal-86,quant-97,logical-72 and still i got the call for the test.Don’t worry everyone is saying that if score is above 120 then you should start working on your technical skills so i think both of us(as my total is 178.8) should work on technical skills

thanks @ishan_3422634: :relaxed:

how to get registered in www.codelitmus.com through my elitmus id ?? is there any process to follow regarding registration in codelitmus ??

Eligibility criteria in academics depends. Different companies have different cut-offs.
Some want 80% throughout while some are satisfied with 60%.

Check the Eligibility criteria in the job post page. Usually 60% is the minimum for all.

I have 74.1% in 10th ,70.2% in 12th , 54.5 % in B.Sc , 76.7% in MCA .As i have 1 DIP in B.Sc degree (54.5%)
so does it means i will never get any interview calls from any company??

You will get calls. See, the problem is majority of companies here look for B. Tech/ B.E - CS/IT/EC candidates.
There are only a few jobs for MCA, M. Tech, etc.

You can check these -
Surya Software
Dark Horse

Can I get call for
Verbal - 68
Logical - 62
Quant - 83
Percentile with 2 years exp.

I am an mechanical engineer
I have scores
Reasoning 80.41
Verbal 84.12
Aptitude (quantitative) 95.51
Can I expect calls from good IT firms?
Again if yes than what to prepere

is there any need to ,try for 2nd attempt with better score as i am not receiving any interview calls in this ph score .MCA student (2018 batch)

I have a score of 326.25 overall. A percentile of 99.95, 99.18 and 96.82 in VA, PS and QA respectively. And I still have no calls yet. So, just let that sink in for a moment and then think about how much a pH score really matters to companies. Your overall profile should be good and you should be from CS/IT in order to get good calls. An average pH above 75 percentile will do just fine. So chill! Worry about your profile not the pH. Your B.Sc seems a little low, so that might be the reason you are not getting calls.

Are u 17 passout or 18 passout

2017 pass out in EC