What are my chances of getting calls

my score is verbal=81.11%,
Prob solving=65.57%
What are my chances of getting calls.
And will there be any future drives in hyderabad?

You will get some calls. 65 in Logical is a bit less.
Companies like Cisco, Cleartrip have higher cutoffs like 75 above. So you might not get calls from them.

There are not many drives in Hyderabad. But Accenture, Dark Horse will do in future.

@wali_3319673 i did not get enough marks in my 1st attempt. So please tell me how many times we can apply for this exam and number of attempted exams does affect our placement chances…?

and my b.tech session 2014-18.

You are 2018 batch, so take your time to prepare and then only take the test.

Up to 3 times is ok.
The lesser your attempts, the better.

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could you please tell me when Accenture is conducting drive in hyderabad?

I am not sure about drive locations.

But through AMCAT they did a drive in Hyd.
So maybe next month they will include Hyd in eLitmus too.