What are my chances of getting calls with this score and overall academic aggregate 65%

Your scores in Quants and Problem Solving is good. But verbal is very low.
You need 140+ total score to get calls.

You need to work on your English. Refer to CAT materials for preparation and try to score at least 80 percentile in Verbal.
All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

DO NOT read this if you have already paid for your AMCAT!

I notice that you have AMCAT open in your tabs. I suggest don’t take the test. Believe me, AMCAT is useless. I got 95+ percentile but the job invites I get is not attractive and pay ranges from 1-2.5 LPA.
One of my friend was the topper and even he didn’t get any good calls. I guess companies this year did not hire much through AMCAT. While last year accenture took a lot of people through AMCAT.
Focus on eLitmus, prepare well.