What are my chances of getting call?

I have scored:
Problem solving: 84.72%ile
Quant: 74.72%ile
Verbal: 96.85%ile

Can I apply for ongoing events? Even if I did, what are my chances? Please help.

Of course you can apply to events now.
You score is good, you have a good chance*.

If you are 2018 batch, I recommend you take another test and aim to score 90+ in all sections.

*Selection procedure of companies are different and strange. For Some only score in Quant matter, some want Problem Solving, while some will totally ignore your score and select candidates only from selected colleges.
I have a similar score like you and have been “Not Shortlisted” by many companies.

I hope the same does not happen to you.
All the best! :slight_smile:

I really hope that none of us gets to see “not shortlisted” ever… Thanks a lot for clearing up my confusion!!

BTW, I’m 2017 pass-out. Is that factor gonna affect if I retake the test in upcoming days?

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No, taking the test again will not affect anything now, since its only your 1st attempt. More than 3 tries may be a problem.

But I don’t recommend because there is not much time left. You will have to dedicate time for better preparation to score good.

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