What are my chances for my PH score. kindly inform

verbal 47.09
problem solving 74.34
quantative 57.76
so kindly inform that i will shortlist for the companies

If these are the percentile in each section then I think you should give the test again.

For safer side I think you should have total score of 130+ and 80+percentile in each section.

Good luck :slight_smile:

i think you should retake the exam and try to score above 150,a lot of companies are going to hire in next couple of months …so retake asap

ps 93%…50
verbal 91%…90…total i got 240
interviews through elitmus with that score is easy r not

wait up for calls and i recommend you giving amcat also,you know more oppertunities

Quant -> -26 8%
LR - > 15 60%
Eng - 110 94%

I have negative marks in quant, do I have any chance for any calls ?

i had total of 179…but u said 130+ is enough

I am talking about addition of scores not addition of percentile.

my ph score
verbal - 80.35%( 75)
problem solving - 74.34% (26.30)
quantitative- 99.61% (100)
what are my chances

i think you will get call from every company except one or two.

dont worry just wait you will get call from approx all company who hire through elitmus.

If i have negative marks in quant -7(28%) and 98.6% , 92.1% in verbal and reasoning. Will i get call?

what are my chances can anyone guide me??
score Percentile
78.80 Verbal 82.62
45.00 Prb Solv 90.39
-18.80 Apti 14.18

please reply asap.
thank you.

VERBAL 9.28% (only):relieved:
problem solving 90.39%
quant 95.64%
what r my chances ?

verbal : 43.77%
problem solving : 82.49%
quant :disappointed_relieved:14.18%
what are my chances to get a job?