Weird score card

I gave elitmus 2 times. The first time I just sat down for it without any preparation. I could only attempt 3 questions in the Quant section. Here are the results:

QUANT : 7.50 (score) 52.88(percentile)
PROBLEM SOLVING : 15(score) 62.10(percentile)
VERBAL: 90 (score) 88.64(percentile)

How could I get 7.5 from 3 questions given that eLitmus has negative marking scheme if at least 1/4 of the answers are wrong? I was expecting (0,10,20,30) score in quant.

i think each question would have different marks.They don’t mention it.

I think so too. eLitmus should be more transparent

3 attempted
1 correct and 2 wrong
10-10/4=7.5 marks.
for another wrong question you have not any negative marks as per the negative marking scheme.

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