Webyog result after written

Anybody got to hear from Webyog after written @ elitmus office?

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No what about you

I think webyog is the worst company I’ve ever seen in terms of response. I don’t know why they can’t open their mouth and tell candidates clearly about their result.
Elitmus should blacklist this idiot company, which doesn’t know how to respond. If you are giving fatty amount of CTC it doesn’t matter that you will take your recruitment process for granted and candidates are dying to join your company. At least you should be responsible for the transparency and should declare result on white paper.


but what you missed here is Elitmus can’t backlist because this is the SCAM!!. they offer packages like these and never select anyone and elitmus let them come time over time so that goodwill remains intact .this is the deal

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After written,they even asked to submit a project on their mail id,which obviously took our time…still they don’t respond

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True that. I have already attended technical face to face there 2-3 weeks before. They said they would inform me later after discussing. Atleast they could have told me if i’m in or out

That means you got ur result of written test.

same here javed… I had attended face to face too, after a short telephonic interview. They said that they would be back to me after a week…its almost a month now.