Webyog quality assurance


Did anybody get a call for webyog quality assurance profile written test which will held on 10th or 11th of July’16?


yes, i got…


@monika_3090915 Yes


You got call for written test or Skype round pf previous test?


Yup…I too got call for written test…
but can any one suggest me whether to attend it or not as result of its previous drives are yet to be declared ( based on cmnts in another webyog forum)


Yes, I have also received the letter. Could anyone please share what type of questions are asked in this. Is it similar to one asked in for Software Developer Post.


I also got few mins back.


No, still not.


You should attend it.


Not yet


i would advice not to attend this as i attended the webyog drive on 12th june and was shortlisted after the witten round.
i then took a telephonic interview and was shortlisted for the further face to face round.
in the face to face interview taken by the QA lead @webyog office i was asked around 35-40 questions and i answered all of them except 1. QA lead told that i did very well and am the fruntrunner for the job and should expect a call soon but all i got was a rejection mail and probably noone has beeen selected from the drive.


Thnx buddy :),


Does any1 know what type of questions will b asked in dis written round for QA position??


I think webyog was waste of time…


Yeah i got it too


Yes I got it. @monika_3090915 Can anyone please suggest what type of questons will come?


Can you please share what type of questions were asked in written test?


Did you get the results as of now?


I am asking about the result of previous drives of QA and Software Developer. Did anybody receive any call for that?


not yet.