Webyog QA engg 2017

Hey everyone!
Anybody has got shortlisted for WEBYOG as a “Quality Assurance Engg” vacancy for 2017?
If anyone has gone through the interview process then it will be of great help.
Thanx in advance :slight_smile:

You are shortlisted for WEBYOG 2017??

No not yet! I thought to ask if somebody has got shortlisted.What about you?

Not yet bro!

What was ur elitimus percentile?

V-91.6,QA-95.5 , LR-99.56 U got any call frm webyog?

I think they gonna call us after they receive all the applications and then on that basis they will shortlist us. i didnt got the call as well till now …anyone of you has any idea abt the interview process of webyog?

Yeah this can also be the reason. Anyone chosen preferred location as delhi?