Webyog job interview

I got the message from elitmus that I was called for job interview at 3:15 pm today and when I log in to my account to accept the invitation the confirmation time was over and the site showed that the time to confirm the invitation was upto 9:00 am today. I am extermely frustrated and disappointed with elitmus. Is there anyone else with the same problem.

Yes. Even I am facing the same problem.

Same here. I mailed them regarding the same, but got an automated reply which says they’ll reply within 4 working days. Don’t know what else to do

I think we should call them tomorrow and talk to them about it.

Same here buddies!! The profile is support engineer… wonder what type of questions they could ask in the interview

Same here…:frowning:

same here. And the result of previous webyog technical test on 12th of June is still not declared.

same here i mailed them this morning and i got automated mail that they will revert in 4 working days…

same problem…:worried:

Yeah same here! I mailed them too

same happened with me

I accepted the call but I received a mail afterwards from someone saying that " Webyog drive has been postponed for indefinite time". And now there helpline numbers are not working.:sob::sob::sob:

so people attending webyog drive on this Sunday or not?

Same problem with me too

I’ll give it a try, at least visit the centre.

Same here
What it is considered as ?

Did anyone got the mail regarding postponed date?

Yes I got the mail regard drive postpone. and that too indefinitely.

Exactly the same happened to me.

I called webyog and they said that the job vacancy has been filled. Elitmus office said that the interview has been cancelled. So that was that.