Webyog Interview

I have accepted the Webyog interview call. Now can I decline it. The written test is on the 20th of this month. I am already selected in CGI. Thanks in advance.

What was ur score

yes you can decline if not interested.

@padalkar plz can u tell me ur scoreee plz reply dude

If already accepted I don’t think now you can decline the call

i had written a test for webyog on 20th november,but dint receive any notification…plz let me know.

@padalakr can u share u score ur section wise plzz

nether have I do you know anyone who has ?

Not yet!!

I also gave written test 20th nov . Still waiting for results

Percentile Score
VA:- 63.3

dude is that ur score or percentilee

That’s my percentile.

if anybody gets the result of 20th Nov webyog written test please post it here.

what was score i also written tecst on 20th nov bangalore

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what is your percentile and where you written the test in bangalore or delhi

what is your percentile


verbal 96
quant 90
ps 99

95 89 69
from Bangalore… result might be declared tomorrow or afterwards…they said 1-2 weeks