Webyog 17 dec

May I know what is the selection process of Webyog???

This is what’s written in the interview details section -

1.Written test (Coding,Tech Knowledge) followed by interviews over Skype for selected candidates in 2-3 weeks. 2.Please read the job ad before confirming the invite 3.Webyog being a database company you are expected to be strong in RDBMS, SQL, C/C++ etc. 4.Read about Webyog and its products.

Did you get a call?

Yeah 2 days back I got interview call

I got it today.
Are you in Bangalore?

What is the duration of the written test?
Will the test and interview be on the same day?

My Branch is Electronics and Telecommunication… Am I eligible for this interview ??

Eligibility says CS / IT / IS
Buy you can apply and see, might get a a call.

I have received the interview call and also accepted it. The problem is whether the recruiters will acknowledge it on the venue. Any E-litmus representative, please clarify my query.

I don’t think there will be a problem.
Since you got a call, means the company approves of your details.
Don’t worry.

@pooja_3362226 Many reviews on Glassdoor say 1 hour.

I don’t have to wear formals for the test, right?

Just written no need to wear formals

anybody submitted the assignment given by them and have got the call after the test??

I did submit the assignment, but did not get any call.
What about you?

yeah i also submitted but didnt made in c/c++ so less chances for me i think u did in c/c++?

I don’t think I will make any difference what language you use.
If they select you, they will ask you questions on that language during interview.

Yes, I wrote in C++.
What did you use? Java?

yess i use java

This company seems to have a bad reputation for not responding to candidates. Two of my friends who had really good scores and who submitted the assignment on time didn’t see the face of skype calls. it’s nice to be optimistic, but don’t get your hopes up too high.

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eLitmus staff are not active on this forum.
But since you have been called for interview, then nothing to worry. The company has called you.

@pooja_3362226 Many reviews on Glassdoor say 1 hr.

I found this answer in Glassdoor, you can get more reviews there.

“I went through elitmus score. The first round was a written round. It contained 3 sections viz. Mathematics, Communication and Coding. In Mathematics/IQ section there were 3 questions, in Communication there were 4 questions and in coding there were 6 questions. Coding section consisted of questions from c,c++,sql and javascript.”

What about the result of written test conducted on 17 december 2017?