Webyog 10th july delhi test result


Any news regarding result of technical test for Webyog held on 10th july in Delhi and when can we expect the result.


Brother no result is declared regarding the technical test.Still waiting and Webyog has listed a new job profile for 23 july but no result for the previous technical test…


Who else got the mail about postponed interview dates ???


I got the mail regarding postpon of Webyog drive on 24th July though the postponed date is not specified


Okay!! i was just confirming it.
As i just rejected Statnetics Interview call and then this one got cancelled. :’(


is there direct interview for webyog support engineer which will be on 24 july?? anyone got the admitcard for that drive


Didnt you get any mail telling that the drive has been postponed


was that mail even genuine??? there wasn’t anywhere written that it was sent by elitmus or so…:stuck_out_tongue:


BTW im having admit card for the drive…:frowning:


So people attending webyog drive on this Sunday (24th july) or not?


me too abut webyog