Waiting for accenture call


is there any chance for getting call from accenture… or now its over


its overr buddy


but bro i am havin good marks and throuought 70 percent


please bro say something


show ur score card



I have 101 score nd 200 prcntile i got call for accenture on 7th


@k_anusha_3086849 when did you applied?


its gud score mann if u absent for the tes twhat happens man


Are you sure? since the date of registration has been extended till 10th Jan. If it had been over then they would have not extended the date of registration? Isn’t it @kambala_3207717?


noo dude the slots r full may be next time may ur and mine luck depends the reg over dude


In other conversation some suggested that Accenture may conduct another drive in 2 weeks. Do you have any idea about it?


i too called the office they told they aslo dont noo u leave in banglore


Hopefully they conduct another drive. I’m from Gujarat @kambala_3207717




@sharma_3272488 i applied on dec 27th


is ur college name present in accenture list of colleges?


Can any one tell me the venue of 7th jan accenture drive ?