Vizury interactive solutions

Has any one got a call of Vizury interactive solutions?

No.I applied but didn’t get any call yet.

Okz :slight_smile:



Same here! Didn’t get any sort of response yet.

Ohk :slight_smile:


How much could be the cutoff ??

I think anyone beyond 90%ile should get call …

Being a mechanical engineer, should I apply in Vizury interactive soutions?
I have got a decent percentile( Verbal 76, LR 99+, Quant 97+) in pH test
But there aren’t many jobs available for mechanical engineers I suppose. Most of the companies are hiring graduates from CS,IT and ECE branch only

Yes you can apply,coz this job is for business analyst designation and in lr and quant you have a decent percentile.

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But why they are not shortlisting ,i also scored 85%ile in english,97%ile in ps and 98%ile in quant.

They will be shortlisting. You will get a call. The last date for applying is 11th of May. The shortlisting process will start only after the last date of applying I guess. And do you have any idea what will the selection procedure be? I mean we’ll have to go directly for an interview? Or will there be any other round?

Do not know yaar ,no idea .If you get something plz let me also know

Yeah. Sure :slight_smile:

@manas_3333779 In which year did you pass-out and also where did do you engineering?
For mech options are very less,try to contact vizury HR via LinkedIn and ask them to consider your application.Maybe it will work.

In 2017.
SRMCEM, Lucknow
Thankyou for the advice

I have got a call…anyone knows the interview procedure?

Yeah …i also got the call