Vizury call letter

Anyone got the call letter for Vizury drive which is to be held on 15th july??



Yes I got

Your profile please…
And approximately when did you received the call?

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How is ur pH score ?

Engineering Student ,EC Branch ,
10th (9.8 /10) pointers , 12 th (81.4%) and BE(6.94/10) CGPA . :slight_smile:

I received the email today at 3:30 pm

Thanku for ur reply…:slight_smile:
Nice scores…From how many companies u got call ?
Is this ur first attempt ?
Last month i wrote the elitmus test and my percentiles are
verbal : 68.44, ps - 94.72, quant-83.13
Do u have any idea about which all companies will call with these scores ?
Or should i attempt one more time to improve my score ?
Please reply…

Hey ,
Yeah this was my first attempt and the companies that I had applied to ,I got approximately all the calls apart from those which had restrictions ( such as some have restrictions that they want students from grade 1 college, while some others have regarding minimum college pointers )which btw mine is quite low ,and yeah I think give it a try and boost your individual scores above 80 percentile in each section .

Thanku so much…:slight_smile:
Best wishes for ur interviews…
Do well…

Thank you :slight_smile:
And best wishes to you too

Well looks like it won’t happen for me than​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. Well congratulations and good luck for interview.

Why is that so,well I am not attending the interviews.
I just gave elitmus by chance.and right now not interested in jobs :slight_smile:

I don’t know. My elitmus score is
v-99.53 q-99.20 and PS - 75.26 percentile
Maybe my academics aren’t good enough
10- 81.6% 12-65.4%
Btech 60.89
Also 2016 pass out. Till now only had 1 call.
Appeared for Elitmus on25th June.

Yaar these are pretty good ,Even academics is good.My BTech scores aren’t good either so that balances.
Don’t know ,but with these scores you surely will get the interviews,.All the Very Best :slight_smile:


I got a call from vizury but didnt see the mail and wasn’t able to confirm it :frowning:

Whrn did u received the mail?