A drive for Verifone was conducted in Delhi. Anybody who attended? Any inputs? I want to apply for future events of Verifone. Please help

From what I know about Verifone, there is usually a technical test, coding and an interview. Techie profile techie process even i am targetting the same. Any other such companies on your shortlist?

Has anyone who attended the drive received a response from them?
I attended the drive and was told I would be contacted in 2 days to inform whether I am getting an offer or not but still I have not received any mail or call from them.

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There were two rounds

  1. Written round - there were 25 questions (mostly C output questions on pointers, file handling and structures). There were about 10-15 question of aptitude and 10 question based on a diagram or a kind of flow chart. you have to analyses the scenario and fill in the marked box with appropriate condition.

    If selected you ll be called for interview

  2. In interview they asked me to give an intro After that he gave me 2 program

    • To find the missing element in the array of size N-1 and the array can have element in the range of 1-N in O(n) complexity .
    • second program was to find the kth term in a linked list from end.
    • And he asked me to differentiate array and linked list.
    • difference b/w udp and tcp .
    • Process and thread. How thread is implemented .
    • He asked me about context switching.
    • one sql query also.
    • then network layer of tcp .
    • he also asked about circular queue.
    • he asked me to write code for isEmpty() and isFull() of dequeue.
    • and lastly he asked me write pointer version of strcpy() function in c.

I didn’t get any response from eLitmus team after the interview. They told me that result would be declared on eLitmus website latest by Wednesday. But there was nothing on eLitmus website regarding Verifone drive. If anyone has received mail from them then please share :slight_smile:


@raksha_2836632 same case with me still waiting for a response…:unamused:

Nope nothing so far…
No response…

@raksha_2836632 Did they ask you to write the algorithm for circular queue ??

When will the results be declared ?

Result is declared

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@gdrushti_apo_3123589 they ask me to write algo or you can say condition when queue will be empty n when it will be full

@raksha_2836632 how can I find out my result?

If anyone is joining verifone plz inform .I have some queries regarding its joining.

@raksha_2836632 yes i am

@ravi_3095160 have you read the review of verifone on glassdoor?
And have you accepted the offer? If yes then plz tell me the procedure for the same .

@ravi_3095160 how and when did you found out about the result?

@raksha_2836632 Thanks :slight_smile:

The result was emailed to selected candidates.

How it went.
First round was online exam. It consist of

  1. Simple c programs and we have predict output
  2. Few tricky ones
  3. Flow chart based ( tough )

After that result was declared within an hour.
Then next round started . it was interview.

They will probably ask each n everything.
Make sure your c n cpp concepts are clear.
Next data structures are pretty good.
And on top of these …they check your confidence.

I was asked to make simple pattern program. Then few tricky ones…
Decimal to binary conversion
Linked list

And also make sure , you know everything written in resume

@ravi_3095160 Did you accept the offer? If yes, then when r u joining?

@raksha_2836632 @baldeep_3087220 Yes I also got selected and I m joining on 1st June