Use real life learning to ace the pH Test


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Real life and pH Test

At end of class Xth you had a choice to follow Arts, Commerce, Science - Engineering / Medical. Then at time of taking admission to engineering you had a choice of colleges and subject/ branch.

eLitmus pH Test is used by variety of companies - software to manufacturing; within software - IT services to product companies, for a testing or development or support role etc. So it has questions covering a wide gamut of areas.

Imagine trying to be a doctor and an Engineer and a Chartered Account and a Historian at the same time !! You make your choices right ? Similarly in pH Test there is no point trying to attempt all the questions but only those which cover topics you are strong on. Trying to solve the whole paper will make it look tough as it is like being an Engineer, Doctor, CA at the same time will look .

80%+ candidates who got job through eLitmus prepared for less than 10 days !!

At real life situations mentioned above, you used the following

  • Research

  • Planning

  • Applying one self / using common sense/ Problem Solving

Use the same for cracking pH Test

  • Research : If you google, you will know that to be on top 10% of test takers, you need to solve

    • Quantitative section - 6 questions (out of 20)
    • Problem Solving section - 6 questions (out of 20)
    • Verbal - 10 questions (out of 20)
  • Planning : think how many questions you plan to solve/ spend time on each section based on your strength. Sample plan of a candidate who made it to Makemytrip is below

    • Quantitative - 9 questions ; 50 minutes ~ 5.5 minutes per question
    • Problem Solving - 8 questions ; 40 minutes ~ 5 minutes per question
    • Verbal - 13 questions; 20 minutes ~ 1.5 minutes per question
  • Applying one self / using common sense/ problem solving

    • The candidate above knew there are group questions in problem solving , so if you solve one - you get 3 to 5 questions right at one shot. The big advantage with these questions is that you can check if your answer is correct very easily. So he chose to attack three independent questions and two group questions
    • In Verbal there are questions which takes less than 30 seconds - you know them or you dont. So he skipped two reading comprehension questions which could have been more time consuming and focused on these.
    • In Quantitative section he figured out he will have to try 12 to get 9. Besides he guess probability and pattern identification questions may have higher weightage for product companies. The good thing about probability questions is that they they take very little time. So he cracked the above two genres of questions (approximately 5 ) in less than 10 minutes !!

pH Test is designed to measure your success in career over 10 years and has demonstrated huge correlation among the candidate pool which took the test 10+ years ago!!

Scores are given in percentile (relative performance). So if it is difficult for you , it is difficult for all.

In nutshell pH Test is difficult but scoring is easy.

Heres wishing you luck in pH Test and in life.


Hello everyone,
Can you please tell me what will be my chances with this Ph score and what to do next?
Graduation Year-2018
Graduation %- 70.18
12th %- 81.5
10th- 7.8CGPA

Thanks for help!


Hi to All,

Can PH test take by online?
Graduation : 62%
Intermediate : 86%
SSC :75%


Thank you


how to take pH test


Great insight. Thank you very much for sharing. :slight_smile: