Update my personal detail(DOB)

Hey there,

My name is Sahil Gupta with E-litmus Candidate ID: 5227994. I want to inform you that the personal details section reflects date of Birth as 13-March-2002 (My Correct DOB I had entered was 14-Mar-2002) after taking my pH test it has some error in my personal details.

This Seriously damages my credibility as it may come across in applications that I’m deceiving of my Age , I Urge you to consider this a serious request and resolve as soon as possible.

My Date of Birth is printed as 13-March-2002 which is wrong and my correct Date of Birth is 14-March-2002.
I request you to kindly take necessary action to reflect the Correct Data.

Thank You
Sahil Gupta

Hello, did you get any solution? Same thing happened to me as well.
Thanks for reading this.

have got solution