Unable to login for Cleartrip Coding challenge scheduled for today, 29th October

I am unable to log in on Codelitmus though I am scheduled for the online coding exam for today. Keeps telling me that I am not a registered user. Is anyone able to login? How to solve this problem? I have already mailed eLitmus regarding this. Please help.

I am also having the same problem for a different company. Did they reply anything?

i am too having the same problem. I think we are eligible to login till 8pm, isnt it?

Hey the codelitmus platform is working now.

I am unable to configure my webcam. Even after changing the settings. The permission has webcam on but the site is not responding. They shouldn’t start the timer before checking whether the webcam has been configured or not.

I had already logged into the exam portal. But after writing the code for one problem, when i tried to visit the other question, it displayed an error page. Now, i am unable to log in. What should i do?

does it says you have to login as admin

No. It is not saying anything, just displaying the error page. I am not able to login also now.

is it
ERROR 404 Not Found

Yes,It is

Error 404. I had 10 minutes remaining.

not good. one time error 404. doesn’t login with elitmus id/password. Couldn’t even code one line.

Does it automatically save your answers …

Like if you didnt click on finish and it ended …

yeah, it saves whatever you type. But only compiled answers will be saved.

Got it bro …