True Positive story to boost your morale

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Dear friends,

Most of you might have known about me. My name is Shubham and I am regular user of elitmus adda.
But what motivates me to tell you my story is to boost your low morale so that you can prepare well for interviews. Some months ago I was also frustrated. So I can relate with your story.
My story starts with passing out from a Tier 3 college affliated to MDU, Rohtak and ending up jobless with unclear future. I took pH test on 14th May, 2017 and started appearing for interviews. I ended up getting rejected at coding round itself for first 6 companies I applied to. Then at 7th company venue I cleared coding round and had first hand experience of tech interview but got rejected. After 10 rejections I cleared all tech rounds in GeekyAnts except CEO Round. Then I was really frustrated after coming to Delhi from Bangalore. I appeared for 3 more companies in Gurugram and got rejected. The morale was at lowest.
But my parents had faith in me and I had in Almighty and I kept upgrading my tech skills.
And Miracle happened when I cleared all rounds of Sopra Steria Pvt Ltd interviews held on 13th October, 2017 and now I have joined Sopra Steria.
I am very happy and thankful to Elitmus that I got job as Software Engineer and that too in Delhi NCR.

Friends! there will be time when circumstances will force you to surrender and stop working hard but always have faith in Hard work and The Almighty. Destiny will certainly favour you one day. Don’t get disappointed so easily. Bounce back. Give an extra push.

I hope my post will create a lot of enthusiasm amongst you to work harder to get placed and succeed in your lives.

All The BEST for your INTERVIEWS!


Really great…
This is my inspiration…

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Thank you for the great words, Shubham.
Congratulations on your job!
All the best for your future. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats Shubham on your Job.
You are our inspiration bro. Your answers have been really helpful.
Note:- was missing you at adda.


Bro you finally got selected.CONGRATS.
Though i am still unemployed.

I was also missing adda to interact with my 2017 batch mates. But I think @wali_3319673 is helping each candidate solve his/her issue. He is doing a wonderful job. How is your preparation @shubham_3185122 bro? Or are you placed? I am glad that I inspired you. I hope you could inspire many more than I had till now.

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Thanks @naman_3390789 bro for your best wishes!
Have patience bro! Destiny will make your hard work succeed. Just keep on trying and upgrading. Always Have faith in Almighty! He has different plans for every one of us.

Thanks @wali_3319673! Your guidance is excellent for job aspirants. Since you are helping others, surely Almighty will help you. Hoping You soon get your dream job.

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Hi you atleast cracked the elitmus test which is the most difficult thing for me.I took the test but found it so much tough. Practicing coding attending interviews are worthy but failing in test and study for it again and again not gonna help me cracking the intervies rounds as no company give you work to solve complex mathematics problems.

Hey , Shubham what was ur score? and what did they ask u most of the time in interviews in technical round, coding section, and HR round, please help me I have upcoming interviews in 5 days.

@shubham_3338788 how much was the ctc ?

congrats man

3.5 lpa
2.5 yrs bond
Hiring is going to be down by 38% as expected in 2018. Get yourself placed properly because 2018 batch has started getting placed.

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Never ask questions asked in tech round. Just clear your basics. Otherwise no matter how many specific questions you study but you will fail at tech interview. Interview questions for everyone is unique depending on your resume and knowledge.

I took Elitmus test in May and that was easier than Elitmus tests nowadays. But its all game of percentile. DOn’t attempt blindly. Follow what mentors say on how to achieve good percentile. Once you clear pH test, you will again feel the heat of coding rounds. SO be prepared for hard work.

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bhai…String,Array and Linked list questions is sufficient for coding rounds or we have to study Tree also.

Questions about Tree are less asked but they are important, so, it’s better if you know BFS, DFS, Binary Tree, BST, etc. I was asked sometimes about trees but only 3 times in 10 interviews.

Inspiration bro!!

thanks for share your story . I have given ph test on 27 june but I don’t have any interviews calls yet my ph score is in this screen shot

You will need to take this test again.
You will never get a call with a negative score.
Please take time to prepare and take the test again.
Problem Solving is a very important section for getting calls, try to score 80 to 90 %ile in both Quant and PS.