The Dance Story

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This is Rinya Badrinath from Bangalore. Currently studying at PES University and will be passing out in May 2019.

I joined eLitmus as an Intern in January 2019.

At eLitmus they say, 'We play by three rules:

  • Pursuit of excellence

  • Play as a team

  • Play to win"

Initially, I was sceptical, do they or just brag about it?

One of my first assignments was to get everybody on the dance floor. I being passionate about dancing, thought it would be a cakewalk for me; kind of “Been there done that”. But what I did not realise was that is easier to make people step out for a sports event, or to go out for lunch together or even play Pictionary, but making everybody dance??? No chance.

Most of the people have never danced in their life. Few even have sore muscles to the extent that it restricts the free movement of the limbs. And in the corporate world where sophistication is a thing, people are generally reluctant to open out; at least for dancing.

To my surprise, people at eLitmus had none of those nuances.

At eLitmus people are divided into teams at the start of every financial year; they compete with each other throughout the year across multiple events. The fight extends right up to the senior leadership and employees fighting it out is a very regular thing. Everybody attempts to win for their respective teams and nobody wants to give in.

It was decided to hold a dance competition on 20th Feb 2019. Both the teams were divided into two sub-teams.

Now the onus was on me to make the nerds, geeks(whatever you want to call them) and sophisticated senior leadership to dance. To my surprise, the reluctance of stepping out to dance vanished on the first day itself. All the teams showed their creative side in selecting the songs and once it was done I was astonished to see their dedication to hold the practice every day for at least 45 minutes until the last day. Even 10 minutes before the competition I saw teams rehearsing. (Engineers can’t do away with the habit of last-minute preparations before the exams)

The best part was they all practised regularly and diligently. They played as a team and they were always high on Josh.

That’s when I could relate that, yes even in the simplest of tasks, everybody could be seen practising the 3 core values. Something they inculcated along their journey at eLitmus.

Currently, am travelling with questions like ‘How could I make a business model out of it?’ ‘What can we offer to clients?’ and 'Why should the Corporate pay for organizing activities such as dance in their company…I need to ■■■■■ this for my internship to convert into an offer. Looking out for suggestions. Will personally give big treat to all who make this happen.