Test Operations


Complex logistics & Operations Research to deliver defect free tests



What do we do?

  • Test over 100,000 candidates annually and provide the scores to all the candidates in least possible time with ZERO error rate.
  • Cover all nooks and corners of the country, as we strive to provide equal opportunity to all.
  • Mastering incident free supply chain. Delivering offline tests across various locations simultaneously is a nightmare, but after years of in-depth research and analysis we have mastered the art.
  • Do all this with a gang of just 13 and at times even lesser than that!
  • And keeping all these in mind, our top notch priority is maintaining the test sanctity.
  • We torture the data long enough until it confesses. An algorithm developed around the vast data and modified over the years ensures that each candidate gets the score he/she deserves.
  • Explore length and breadth of the country, meet new people, learn about the geographical differences/challenges.
  • Maintain a community of 500+ volunteers.
  • We go places to make sure defect free tests are realized.

In summary, design a hassle free supply chain and keep improving on it to ensure smooth execution of the test and that each candidate gets the maximum he/she deserves.

What gets you on board with us?

  • Do not shy away from facing the challenges on ground.
  • We are the first point of interaction for the candidates and thus, responsible to solve any queries they might have.
  • Coordination and Supervision - Ability to coordinate, manage and monitor the events.
  • You should have a knack to learn and improve upon your previous assignments.
  • Love to travel. For fun and to get beautiful and interesting insights about the thinking of candidates across various zones.
  • When we see pictures of Mt Everest we don’t just gasp at its beauty, but the first thought which comes to our mind is to is how can we scale it.