Technia transcat(addnode grp)

I attended the drive of technia transcat on 26th july.they took 2 technical rounds for that mean that i have cleared the 1st technical or something else.any1 if u know,plss reply

what about hr round have they mentioned hat there will be hr round
And I think u cleared the frst round

I got the offer letter on the very 26th… After the 1st technical round they took hr round and they they made me go through another technical interview with a senior employee. After that they discussed with 4 senior members and finally gave me an offer letter explaining everything about the company.
If you went through 2 rounds may be they will call you again.

I don’t know the exact scenerio what they have planned…they didn’t cleared this…what to expect now?

are you joining ?

I know you probably…i think u were from ACTs cdac ri8?

umm nope :stuck_out_tongue: I was in 2pm batch

I am not joining. Not possible to survive in Mumbai in 3.5