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I have applied for Tally’s next event but I am from chemical branch. I have done some software projects though. Is branch a factor that is considered strongly during the selection process?


Has anyone received a call for Tally? I too have applied for the company but no notification so far


Its not important to which branch you belonged to and i am not aware about their selection process also. But Surely You will be tested in coding where you require some CS branch background and especially for MCQ test where questions are concentrated on Data Structures, C, C++, DBMS, SQL, etc,. So Its better to stop worrying about the selection process of tally and start preparing for the CS core subjects and Coding in order to get placed in any good software based company. All the BEST!


@jude_3055131 Thank you .I am active on platforms such as Github and Codechef and I also completed an internship with a project of creating an Application Dashboard using C# and Visual Studio but yes my subjects at college arent exactly coding related. Any inputs as to how I should go about my preparation?


I suggest you practise more of Data structures for cracking the 1 hour programming round. Then study all the topics mentioned by Jude for the MCQ round. Post which there will be 2 or more technical rounds which are pretty simple and they ask you for basic programming. I suggest geeksforgeeks.com is the best website for practicing and cracking most interviews in software domain. Good luck!


Hey Apoorva.!! Happy to c u again on this blog…!!! Now i am also a tally employee!! i forgot to get your number that day… plz ping me @9092734594 - have some queries :wink:


TALLY technical rounds were based on totally data structure and c++/c.
In first technical round they asked to create a link list from both rear /front.Then how to find from where the two linked list of different length are concatenated,then they ask to write a program for virtual function .,then he ask for object slicing concept,a puzzle to find the lightest ball in group of 9 balls.he asked me for template in c++.and about projects also …I did technical round 1 very good but got stuck in tech 2 .
So concentrate more on data structure and also puzzles.read more and more puzzles.Stick to basic.
All the best for those who will attend the future drive of Tally.


I’m trying to find sites where we can find puzzles. Could you people please suggest some?




When did u attend the tally drive?


2nd of april 2016


Did you apply the June drive?


I attended the drive on 2nd April received intent(offer) letter through mail asking me to suggest joining date and after that there was no follow up mail. So should I just go and join on the date which I conveyed?


Has anyone received calls for June drive of Tally


if i am blocked but before getting blocked i applied for drive so do i have chance of receiving call from tally?


What’s your elitmus score?


Can u tell me It is tellibrahma company or different