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Just got the call for the coding round. Guys any idea what type of questions will be asked in coding challenge?

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Congratzzz!!wats ur ph score??

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What’s the venue for coding round?

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You can code from anywhere…you need to login to codelitmus to give the test. @shaurya_3014857 please let me know the same when. You get any information

I have been shortlisted for the coding round too…do you guys have any idea what kind of questions are going to be asked…i’m unable to find any clue regarding the same

I found nothing online!

Can you tell me what was your ph score and how long it took to get shortlisted after you applied?

Hey, My Ph score is 230. I applied at SURYA 8 days back. And didn’t receive any mail/calls for coding round. Will the round last today itself?

Ad-hoc and dp questions. Some algorithm based problems too

no algo question in mine… ad-hoc, dp and recursion in mine and all of them were pretty easy ones too

@nitika_3158362 my ph score is way less than yours, still I got the call because of am having 90+ percentile in both quant and LR. If ur percentile is also 90+ in both of them, then u should contact elit office.

i had around 94 percentile in both verbal and quant while around 97 percentile in lr but still didn’t get the call…I applied 2 days back.

@mohammmad_2920788 contact elit guys… they can help you out in this case because the qualifying criteria isnt mentioned anywhere…

@shaurya_3014857 you got any ideas how we’ll be intimidated about the result of codelitmus challenge given for surya?

@sarabjeet_2537114 no dude no idea whatsoever. But I’ll let you know if I receive any communication from their end and you do the same.

Kindly update if someone gets the result of codelitmus challenge.

just check MyJobs section…in the status column against Surya Softwares…they’ll show ‘selected’ or ‘not selected’

The coding round result has come and face to face interview is on 9 July, Saturday.

Who all are attending the interview??
I have to come from Gurgaon, Haryana
Is it worth coming for the company?

How did u got the result? @raman_3166004