Surya Software second round?


Any one got interview call for second Round in Surya Software?


nt yet bro…i m also waiting…hw many did u solve?



What was ur score ??


2 was completed correctly. 3rd code is correct but it was shown tine out. I think I used longer method


ph percentile apti: 97.43, reasoning: 87.18 and verbal : 54… (this one is really too less)


I solved all three bt not sure all other test cases will pass or not when it will be tested on actual set of test cases


Hi can you plz share the questions??


How were the questions??
Can you plz share them??


one was postfix to infix

nd last one was also simple assuming one is nt new to coding


Thanks a lot bro


Yupp…I got a mail for the interview,but unable to decide whether to go or not…I am from kolkata.