Surya Call for 15th sept

Has anybody received call from Surya Software System for a test on 15th sept ? so is it happening? what do we need to prepare for the test? what is the company reputation ? who else is gonna show up tomorrow?

I got a call.But don’t know its gonna happen tomorrow or not.

what is your score @aashish_3140774


i also got a call but didn’t get any delay notification mail,so it’s a confusing situation.

same here .dont know what to do.thinking about conforming by calling the given number…

has anybody confirmed?


is there anyone who have attended today’s drive?


what happened?

will they conduct drive again on 22nd or not?

nope,that’s why i couldn’t attend today’s drive…

any updates about further rounds ? result of first/second round?

No call or email recieved as they told.

Can you tell me how many rounds of intervIews did others have? Because I had only one but the other guy had two… What about everyone else? @pujan_3081319

First they were conducting 2 rounds but then they started conducting both rounds combined. I also had one round of interview

Oh okay…hope you did well

How much score is enough to get call from Surya software?

surya declared result…who got selected? :stuck_out_tongue: