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The aim of the forum is to facilitate discussion in all spheres pertaining to fresher as well as lateral jobs. We have further branched out to include categories which will interest and benefit a student such as Puzzles to Puzzle You.

If you feel an additional category is required which will further the theme of this forum, please comment on this post and we would definitely look into it.

So get started, post if you need anything more and we will definitely be onto it!!


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Sir/ma’am I really suggest you make a way to attach the pH score to post if desired by user.

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Dear sir/madam
We need to know if we are not shortlisted. Otherwise we will be in confusion whether shortlisting is done or not.
I request you to notify our status after shortlisting, if we are not shortlisted please do let us know that we are not.



If you aren’t shortlisted doesn’t mean you won’t be shortlisted in future drives so status says applied. I went through same thing with multiple companies the system is actually favoring students



OK thank you

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I would like to suggest an option where one can find questions of people of the same batch.
For eg. a category where 2018 batch students can view the queries of other 2018 batch students only. Likewise for 2017 and other years.

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why i am not getting shortlisted.but the persons who scores less than me are shortlisted.and time and year discrimination is also showing.for example 2017 Year possout people are short listing for 2017/2018 more thing they are doing business as persons who wrote exams newly they are getting short listed instead of old one.why this type of diffeerence is showing?

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Same situation here

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yes off course



Hi Admin,
Could we turn down the post moderations a bit? It would be easier to help others with their query.

It is annoying when I write a long post and it is kept on hold only to be released a week later.



this is only for fresher?



Hello sir/madam
I have accenture test on 23rd for the role IT operation associate. I wanted to know about this role. Whether this role is completely into tech support or not. Please help me.
Thank you in advance.