Submission of rough sheet

I was giving the demo test and as the submission time of rough sheet is within 10 minutes so I was not able to submit it. I just want to know it would not do any bad for my ph test.

Don’t worry about it, doesn’t matter for demo test, same thing happened with me, just prepare rough sheets beforehand for main exam as given in sample sheet

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can i get a sample of uploading rough work

Is rough work necessary for all the questions i attempt what if i guessed some answers i won’t be having rough work for that.

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I Haven’t Uploaded Rough Seet.
And Today Is My Exam.

it is necessary. On your rough sheet on upper side write your elitmus id, exam id and when taking pics place your pan card or aadhar card beside those credentials so it will be valid otherwise evaluation will not be done.

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after taking a photo of the rough sheets, should we combine all the sheets and upload as a pdf file or separately as jpg file ?

I uploaded as all jpeg files

can we just make a pdf of all rough sheets and in first page we will add the name, email, id, adhar and then from 2nd page onwards we can do our rough work ?? is it possibe ??

We have a option to click image for all rough sheets then we will click and upload one by one ??

I did rough . But i have not numberd it… my answer will not consider??