Strategy & Employer Branding


Help companies hire and engage smarter talent



What we do

Help companies decide when, whom and how to hire? It sounds cliched ? Sure it does. But what we deliver to the customers is high value addition and not just a set of fancy presentations.

Heres a sneak preview of work we do

  • Helping companies identify colleges to visit by building models and defining matrices to measure the ROI of each campus.
  • Employer Value Proposition identification
  • Aligning talent acquisition to business needs
  • Employer branding
  • Graduate program design, especially the fast track program

Bragging Rights

  • Helped the India IT arm of a MNC bank with their Fast Track Graduate program design
  • Worked with a multiple billion dollar organization to make it the most preferred employer among engineering college students from their 4th Rank in year 2007 within 4 years.

What gets you into the team

  1. Ability to be a walking encyclopedia. You will need to seek & remember data around colleges, companies and economy
  2. Prior experience in talent field a must
  3. Ability to work 14 hours a day and incessant focus on delivering value to the customer