Still to receive CGI offer letter

It’s 2 weeks since I got selected in the company, but I’m yet to receive my offer letter. They told me we’d be joining from 8th of August, and that I’ll be given the letter before 1st. It’s 5th of August, and I still haven’t gotten it.

can u tell me dat wat is the status showing against ur CGI application in JOBS section??
ie… whether Selected or confirmed??

The current status is ‘Offered’, because I’ve gotten the final congratulatory email from the elitmus team.

did u got any offer letter…my interview was held on 6th august…let meknow when did u get offer letter

I haven’t received the offer letter yet. I guess they’ll put us in the next batch. That’s what they told me when i called them.
I had given interview on 16th of july, and they had told me I’ll be joining on 8th of August. And I’m still waiting.

haselitmus people told u all these things?? @siddharth_3155623

Both CGI and Elitmus team.

how did u contact cgi??

how did u contact cgi??

Google their number. Btw, didn’t you ask them when you’ll get to join the company? They must have given you some tentative date. If not, call them and ask them. Also, when you call them, tell the operator the name of any HR you know. Let me know what they tell you.

happened same with me… i tried calling elitmus office, but updates online they didnt answered.

got my offer letter yesterday evng…and DOJ is 29th

Well, then congratulations to you. Hopefully, other people’s offer letters are on their way.

What exact job location did they give you?

job location not yet confirmed…they told that they intimate in next mail

hey did you receive any mail from CGI?

bangalore will be your job location

hey can anyone help me how the cgi interview pattern will be ,is it tough

Have you got your offer letter?

i have interview on 21st august