Can anybody tell me, if the Statnetics drive result which happened in Hyderabad on 30/4/2016 has announced or not. Actually I was informed that I would get the result on 3/5/2016 but till now I am waiting for the result…


hey abhishek
i have also got interview call for 21 june at statenetics. elitmus evaluation says round 1 will be ps, quant & tech basics.round 2 will be algorithm .what kind of questions should one expect in tech basics & algorithm
how was your experience ? please reply


I too attended statnetics on 30/04/2016 but I again got a mail from elitmus to apply for statnetics interview which will be held on 21/06/2016 but am unable to apply for the job through elitmus website. Did you get any mail from elitmus?


Hii pureti and puneet, i attended the statenetics interview. This company works in .NET field, and I was the java knowledged person. So, perhaps that may be the reason of not selecting me. The rounds were 3 hours of test containing quntitative with 25 questions, logical questions, technical questions of .net and from C with two different papaers. So total there were 4 papers. After clearing that round, I went into the programming round in which I had 2 questions and I had to write the program for that on paper. Then they told that they would inform me on phone. By the way, All the Best to u both. Do welll


That’s not the problem with me buddy. I also attended statnetics on same day as you are and completed my second round too but yesterday I got a mail from elitmus person to apply for statnetics which will be on 21st of June. But when I tried to do it I was unable to apply as it’s showing that i already applied to this job.
Did you get any mail like the following?