Sonus interview on 3rd and 4th july

Anyone got any mail or intimation regarding the selection of drive that happened for sonus on 3rd & 4th July??

I am waiting for the same. Does someone have any contact where we can ask about the result?

Is ur hr interview done?

Hey,they took my HR even I am from the same batch!.I didnt get any mail if someone gets any information please post it here!

When did u have your hr round?

I had my HR on the same day i.e. 4th july. Anyway i have lost hope because they said joining will be from Monday and for that they would have informed us by today if we were selected.

But for me they said joining will be in another 2 weeks…
U were interviewed for svt or developer?

For svt

I m also fr svt

So now whom should we contact?

What did they tell you after the interview?

That i can leave and will get a call if selected

guys same with me, done with tech and HR round on 4th July, they told they shall confirm on friday through mail and call, no reply yet.

I got a call and a mail regarding documents needed at the time of joining i.e 10th july.

could you share that number plz?

could you plz share that number from which you got a call

When did u get the call around wat time?

I got a call next day as on 4th time they didnt had people to take my HR they called me and took some sort of Phone interview(HR).I asked the same to HR regarding the joining and he said me they havent decided about the date yet.

I got call from this number.(080678 95828).

have you tried calling them?