Should i have to take exam again?

No need to write again.You have good chance for getting calls.

Verbal- 63.80(71℅)
Problem solving-----50(92.30℅)
Quant- 33.80(82.98℅)
My academics are 10th-84%,12th-71%,B.E-79.60%
So, what are my chances…??
Help me guys…

Please help me i am new to take ph test of elitmus so please tell me how you did prepare for this test and what was the pattern of test and how to attempt and leave question…

Don’t worry, you will get calls. Just keep on applying to the companies at eLitmus.

Go to the help section and you will get posts related to your issue.

Thnks Nidhi to encourage me…:slightly_smiling_face:

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