Should i give another elitmus test

i got good percentile in verbal and quant (99.5 above both) but got bad percentile in problem solving(just above 80%) . the percentage i secured during engg. is low compared to avg percentage in northern universities(i got 63.5) . i had given elitmus a year before and secured above 94% in problem solving then, pretty sure i could have done same this time too had i read all question and given right time per question. should i give another try to get better percentile or apply with what i have.

No bro, you dont need to retake. your score is still good. As i think you will get almost all calls, now just apply for the companies and In the meantime try to make yourself technically sound.
Note:- PH test score is just considered for getting calls, your selection is purely depends on how you perform during interview, So why to waste your precious time on scoring well on PS.(With this score only, you will get calls).
Hope it helps. Cheers.

what’s your section wise score(not percentile) ? btw @ravindra_3207016 it’s pretty awesome percentile, ow just start applying to the companies and prepare hard for technical rounds. All the very best…!! :slight_smile:

150 in verbal , 100 in quant

thanks for suggestion

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