Selection through eLitmus

On what basis do companies shortlist, percentile or overall score ?

  1. First is your stream. Most companies want circuit branches (CS, IT, ECE). eLitmus is almost useless for core branch like Civil and Mechanical
  2. They check percentiles in all sections. More weightage is given to Problem Solving and then Quants
  3. Then comes your academics, they see your marks throughout your career. Different companies have different cutoffs. Some want 80+ while some are fine with 60.
  4. Some companies have institute criteria also. They will take only candidates from IITs and NITs. So if you are from a Tier 3 local college you may face trouble getting some calls.

Tier three colleges means?

Tier 3 means new colleges which have recently opened or are still under construction and do not have much to offer. They don’t have great department, infrastructure (labs etc) and professors. Mostly the only placement drives happen here are for customer care executives

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I am also from a T3 college and its still under construction.