Sectional cutoffs

Is there any sectional cutoff percentile as such for companies hiring??if so how much?? My scores are –
97 percentile verbal

96 percentile quant

66 percentile problm solving

Confused about the last one…what are my chances?? Do I need to retake the test fr the last one??

It totally depends on type of companies you are looking for.

Some companies take overall score, in that case you have good chances of getting a call.

While other companies consider sections, your ps score may be hindrance to get a call.

But overall, you have good chances to get a call.

Good Luck!!

Thanx for your reply…Well let me wait and see…If problems arise,then I would retake the test…

I have got a similar score. Can you tell me what kind of job opportunities did you get?

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bro…you’ll get the calls…chill!!

Did you get the calls too? What was your score?

not yet…quants:80, verbal:92, ps:60… i don’t think with this score i would get the call

aprox same i have rishu…did u get call upto please give update

yeah i got the calls from various companies

my percentile in verbal- 48, quant- 60, ps- 5. is there any chance to get any calls?

No Aashish.
Your percentiles are too low. Take time to do a good preparation and take the test again.
You need 85+ percentiles to get calls.

My score and percentile in each section are-
English - 110 92.94
PS- 18.75 66.76
Quant- 48.75 89.21
Total- 177.50 92.68
What are my chances? Should i retake or should i just sit back and wait?


I have scored as follows and have doubts regarding the same.

Verbal - 92%ile
Problem Solving - 99%ile
QA - 06%ile
Total - 89%ile
I have disappointingly low score in QA. Although, as per all the doubts I’ve read on portals, my overall score is satisfactory.
Will the extremely low score in QA affect my calls? And if I go on to write another exam, will the chances vary due to that as well?

If yes, then what should be the next step for me? Any help would be much appreciated.