Section wise score or overall?

I have 2 scores as below:

Is the best score found by comparing section wise scores? Can eLitmus please make this clear?

You first score (September 04) looks better.
Comparing both scores, your September 10 score has-

  • Lower score in Verbal
  • Lower score in Problem Solving
  • Better score in Quants

If, by any chance, any company shortlists you, they will consider your September 04 score. (Companies can see all the scores)

I think you should take some time, prepare well, and then take the test. Try scoring at least 85 percentile in all the sections.

You may read this post I wrote-

All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

[Note: I am just a student like everyone else here. eLitmus staff/admins do not operate on this forum]