Score issue

43.57 english
82.42 logical
80.65 quant
do i need to retest…??

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If your PH score is above 150 or 140, then you are safe to get some calls. If you have good score 70+ in 10, 12 and B.Tech, then you might get calls.

i got 75 in 10th, 78 in diploma 80 in btech 78 in mtech in ece…?? so with this score do i have any chance…??

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You are M.Tech. I have seen a very few companies taking M.Tech fresher.
If you have any experience it will increase the chance of call.

You logical and quants are very good but english could be barrier. Work on verbal skills.
All the best! :grinning:

anyone who got 6th aug bangalore region results?

So do i need to retake test…??

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s i got

You should take another test.

You can take the pH test any number of times without restriction and during shortlisting,your best score will be considered.

70+ in verbal is a good score. Work on your verbal skills.
You can practice for elitmus on TestPot
Check out m4maths. This website has tons of questions, even from verbal.
All the best! :grimacing:

everyone you know from Bangalore have got their results? for it is still showing your score is in process…don’t know why

Hey Ravi, have patience. elitmus results take time.
It might take a week more. Check back next week.