Score is less so guide me

hello this is priyank my score is verbal 75,problem solving -3,and quant is 15. and percentile in verbal is 81,problem solving 15,and quant is 61. Is there is chance to get calls.

no i dont think u will get any.
work hard and give elitmus again.
hopefully u will get a good ph score next time

my score is verbal - 12.40 percentile, problem solving - 67.37 percentile and quantitative- 85.24 percentile do i have a chance of getting calls from software companies

no u will not get any calls at this score.
u better study hard and give elitmus again

ALSO THE FACT i am a 2012 passout and i had given elitmus on 11 september 2016 do elitmus still provide the interview calls to 2012 passout candidates do i have a chance of getting calls in 2016 year or say by this time

if u r a 2012 passout, then there are very less chances… The companies are only calling 2016 bath and 2015 sometimes… But if u have some work experience then there are chances for u…

Hi, my score is this:
Verbal -: 60 -> 69.44 percentile
Problem Solving -: 26.30 --> 71.87 percentile
Quants -: 60 -> 95.65 percentile

Would i get calls from good companies like Webyog, CreoIT, etc ?
Or Should I retake the pH test ?