Score card shows 0 in all sections- 23/04/2017 Ahmedabad test

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I just checked my score card today and got 0 score in all three sections whereas am expecting a pretty good score, atleast a 90% in Verbal section. Is anyone else facing the same issue? I guess, they made some kind of a blunder.

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I also attended the same test and my score card is showing positive result. It can be a fault or co-incidence as well, that u got 0 in all sections. But its highly recommended to contact E-litmus helpline once.

Its highly unlikely to be a coincidence. I’ve mailed them regarding the issue.

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Share their reply if possible. It will help others with similar queries.

i think may be some system issue ? if possible can u share the result screenshot.

P.S i have given on 30th april n waiting fr the result.

i think some blunder happen with ur OMR sheet, as if they did’nt received ur OMR u didnt get percentile too , may be system did’nt read . Hope they will sought it out.

It will get updated after some time don’t worry

Any idea how much time it could take? They didn’t even reply to my mail.

don’t know , better u call them on the number which they provide,

+91 7259 1047 92 - Fee Payment, Admit Card, Scores related queries

If only they considered answering my calls important. No reply to mails as well.
Aren’t there any moderators going through these feeds?

no idea regarding that.

Alright so the elitmus personnel called me today and apparently there was an issue with my omr sheet. They’ll update my scores in a day or two. Thanks for the replies everyone!

i said that… wlcm :slight_smile:

When I checked my scores on 4th, it was showing like this
Section Score %tile
VA 3.10 13
PS 10.00 40
QA 10.00 48

Today it shows like this. Still I am not convinced with VA part. Is this final score?

Yes, looks like final score