Samsung Interview Call

Anyone got the interview call?

Hi @rohit_3252219 i got it today, but interview venue is not what i selected in preferred location, Its far away from my current location

yes apparently the preference for evaluation location was only for written test.

@navpreet_2765914 which college do you study in bro?

And did anybody else get call?

is your interview on apr 29

Your college and score bro ??

Did any one got call from S
amsung .

Not got. I can’t understand why?

I haven’t got…

I have got call …but I wanted venue in Kolkata… but I got Bangalore… I can’t just go there tomorrow

How to attend the interview now?

which college???


Percentile and batch 2017 ??

Did any one got the call letter for samsung in Banglore ??

they have changed the last date to 30 april I don’t what they are doing

For me its still 29th

For me, event date is Apr 29 and last date to apply is Apr 30 LOL

I have applied for Samsung drive, but I haven’t given the elitmus test yet. Is it possible for me to get interview call and on the Samsung job home page it shows last date -30 April 2017 , what does that mean, do I have to give pH test before 30 April?