Samsung banglore

my elitmus score is :
verbal : 89.80
quant : 95.30
ps: 70

can I expect a call from samsung r&d banglore?

That depends on many thing but yoy are from Tier 1 college of India you will get a call from Samsung :slight_smile:

I have applied for samsung recruitment drive on 11th june at delhi. Can u help me with the recruitment process, like what’s the first round, etc. ?

Once you get the call ,I will help you regarding that :slight_smile:

11th june samsung drive that is the last drive ,otherwise for delhi i.e last drive???

Samsung drive for 11th june is the last drive for only delhi location or overall. Please help

for 2016 batch its last :slight_smile:
But if Samsung doesn’t find any worthy student in delhi drive, he will one conduct one and last drive in Bangalore :slight_smile:

I am from Bangalore and 2016 batch.
I gave the take from home test for SRI-B on 7th May.
Still my DashBoard reads CONFIRMED for SRI-B

What are my chances to get a call to attend further recruitment process.

Your from which college?? Your score??

PESIT Bangalore

sir can you please tell what are the questions probably going to be asked for Samsung r & d, Banglore.
I have the take from home coding challenge . What needs to be prepared

hey how can i register for samsung bangalore drive which is to be on 11 june . Can anyone help me regarding that.

While giving coding exam , they will give new id and password or ellitmus log in id and password ,which one??

A google search would give you advice to practice dynamic programming, tree, graph algorithms. It will probably be a two hour test with only one question. You will have 50 testcases to pass. But then again, samsung has right to change the test pattern.

No I was not talking about that test. I was talking about Elitmus Take From Home Coding test

I got a call for interview but what is the location in delhi

How many programs did you do in the home challenge?

Did not do even 1 but I m from dtu

Did anyone else get an interview call?

yes…at Delhi BPIT and there are programming rounds too…followed by interviews.