Sample papers

Can any one upload sample papers for the exam please?

Though eLitmus question papers are not directly available, you can follow some websites in which you will get a lot of questions to practice.

Suggested websites for preparation-

  • m4maths - A great place for preparation since here users who have given the tests share questions they remember. So you will get to know the types of questions asked.

  • TestPot - Here you can give mock tests. Not that tough questions but you will get the exam practice.

  • Dinesh Miglani - A lot of videos available. He covers a variety of topics and solves many different types of sums. [Lengthy videos. Watch at faster speed.]

  • If you want to spend money, buy books by Arun Sharma. (Do NOT buy anything from websites. Some scam websites are collecting questions from the internet and selling in the name of ‚Äúpremium questions‚ÄĚ for Rs. 69.

Prepare well and take the test.
All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

[Note: I do not own any of the websites]

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best place to prepare