Results of online pH test

When we can expect the results of pH test that was conducted online on 20th September 2020 ?

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Did you get your result now?

No, Still waiting … did u got the result?

is there anyother means to contact elitmus .
been waiting since 20 september.


@vinodkr123 Have you got your results mate?

yes got the result

@vinodkr123 Okay bro. All the best!

My score

Verbal- 120 ----------94.51%
Logical-97.50 ------ 99.59%
Quant-15 -------------56.73%
Total-232.50 ---------97.84%

How I should apply for the job? Whether because of Quant I have to take the test again?
I s my score good enough to get a call?

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Bro where can we check our results?

In the jobs section you can apply for companies. Check everyday you may find new companies listing.

Guys, how long does it take to get the results of the online ph tests? And what do we do after that ? How do we apply for companies without paying again for their tests ?

Hi vinodkr123,

can you please tell me, how long it will took to get the result. Please reply me.