Results nd compny call

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I Yesterdy gievn elitmus test on 24 dec 2017… when will be results are declared? and when I will get call from companies?

Which batch are you?
You should get you results within 2nd week of January.

Right now there are no jobs for freshers and internships have also ended.
You have to wait till Jan, then apply to jobs.
Usually the company calls you 2-3 days before the interview date.

I am from 2017 EXtc batch…I live in mumbai…There is need to shift in banglore for companies interview?

Yes, because most company’s event location is Bangalore.

If you don’t want to live in Bangalore, you have to take a bus every time there is an interview. You can opt for this option if you are okay with long travel hours.

Or, move to Bangalore temporary to attend events.

I guess in both options the expense will be same.

ok,Then I will prefer to move to Banglore…Thanks…

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